Misspent Blessings

I was making my usual pleas to God, then a disturbing thought swept over me…....What if God has already given me these blessings?”

by: JTTamayo

One Sunday afternoon, I went motor biking with my son and we talked about his academic course of choice for college (which by the way is still a toss up between BCS and HRM) and about some things close to his heart. He raised up a disturbing matter when he started talking about his fear of disappointing us (my wife and I) on some matters concerning his life, about his studies, about his spiritual life, and even about besting me in NBA-2K14 (he is a Clipper while I am a Bulls fan). I told him about the same fear I once had when I was his age and the mistakes I have made. We agreed on several things / matters and spent the night believing we had a closure on the topic.

The next morning, I was making my usual pleas to God. I asked for help guiding my son to Him, for more time to devote to the development of my son’s confidence in his decision making, and of course, for more income. Then a disturbing thought swept over me, what if God has already given me these blessings?

30 minutes to draw close to my son; 30 minutes to watch TV. That’s what I recalled on the events the previous night as I asked God to help me lead my son to Him. The Gospel tells us that we should lead our children to the Lord by teaching them His ways, by talking to them about Him, and by living out His loving kindness. “It’s hard to do any of that when sitting on the couch watching DVD movies or playing Xbox games, isn’t it?”

And what about this financial independence I keep praying for? How much did I pay for our lunch last month because I don’t want to be bothered to cook our own because of the bizarre desire to watch the Chicago Bulls battle the Miami Heat in an NBA regular season game? How much more did I spend buying DVDs (pirated ones, hope our guys from MTRCB aren’t reading this, chuckle) when I could have been better off reading a good Christian book (maybe a Chuck Swindoll, Joyce Meyer or Hal Lindsey novel) or better yet, meditate on my orange NIV bible.

I am misspending our money and misspending my time, then I ask the Lord for more of both. Was I better than the slave who hid his master’s talent in the ground? (Matthew 25:14 – 30 NIV). I think I’m worse, the slave didn’t have the nerve to demand for more, well I did. (sic)

Too often I think of blessings as a big and extravagant Christmas gift. I ask God to improve our finances, and by that I mean a winning lotto ticket. I ask God to help me raise my son, but what I am really asking is that He raises my son for me.

God’s blessings are indeed gifts, but more often they are graces in itself which are sprinkled through my life. They are minutes I can spend training my son or spend watching DVD movies or playing NBA2K. They are pesos that I can either invest or squander. I must learn to be aware of these seemingly small blessings. I should be a better steward of them. I want to be “faithful in a very little thing” that I might become “faithful also in much” (Luke 16:10 NASB).

The very little things can itself become much if only I will steward it faithfully. Lord, help me remember that these blessings are not as small as they may seem, Amen.