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Mighty Saviour - PRESENCE

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What happens when musicians from the main church visit the musicians from one of the satellite churches of JOGSGO (In this case, Quezon City)? Jamming, impartation, praising, food trip and gear talk!

It is always good to come out of our caves once in a while to meet other people who share the same passion with us. We are able to share our experiences and knowledge, or just simply share our interests. More than sharing, we also learn a lot from others who go through thesame challenges and victories like we do.

A little gear talk.

During the evening, the musicians from Taytay checked out the headphone/in-ear monitors that the musicians from QC use. The system was a simplified monitoring set-up based on what the big churches use but a lot more affordable. It helps musicians hear themselves more clearly. It also lessens the stage volume coming from the amplifiers so you'll get a better sound for the congregation making it more efficient to lead the church in worship.

A lot of praise and worship.

After the gear talk, both of the teams took turns in playing praise music. And then the team joined together in forming one group enjoying the goodness of God through music and worship. 

Food and fun.

Musicians also love to eat. So they had a good old dinner and chat time. Those hours felt so short 'cause they had to part ways. It was FUN! We hope that there will be more gatherings of our musicians like this.

Our praise and worship team from JOGSGO QC Satellite - Presence released their latest single I AM YOURS from their album Only For You (New Sound Of Praise). Click HERE to know more about it.

Music Ministry (Harp Music)

Music plays a big part in our ministry. We use it in our corporate and personal expressions of praise and worship unto God. We also believe that it can be instrumental in reaching the lost for Jesus. 

In the Bible, David the shepherd/Psalmist turned king used the harp in making music unto the Lord and in ministering to king Saul when he was being oppressed by spirits. (1 Samuel 16:23 "And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away.") He also instituted the use of harp (along with other instruments) in corporate worship. (1 Chronicles 25)

Believing that we should be Biblical in the things that we do in the ministry, Jesus Our Good Shepherd Global Outreach follows the pattern of David (the man after God's own heart) in using music in honoring God and ministering to people.


Ikaw by Presence Live on JMM Covers January 2016

Ikaw won the Best Acoustic/Folk/Country music award in NDMusicAwards 2015. It was also chosen as the Top 6 song of 2015 in 95.9 FM Radyo Bulacan OPM Jam.
It is one of the cuts from Only For You under Jescom. Get a copy of the album from JOGSGO QC, Tanging Yaman SM Megamall/Ateneo de Manila. Available in Itunes & Spotify.


  • Only For You (New Sound Of Praise)

    Only For You (New Sound Of Praise) is Presence' latest album under Jescom Music. It has 8 tracks + 2 Bonus tracks. Available from JOGSGO QC, Tanging Yaman SM Megamall/Ateneo de Manila, Itunes and Spotify.

  • Let Your Kingdom Come (JOGSGO Collaboration Album)

    A collaboration of Heis, Superscription, Shirah and Presence. The album offers 12 songs. Available at House Of Praise. Let Your Kingdom Come and Laugh Song are available in Itunes, Spotify and other online music sites.

Original JOGSGO Music.

In 2009, we took a step of faith and came up with the 1st single entitled "Presence". We sowed it as a seed offering to the market of music. 400 copies were distributed (for free) and people were blessed with the song. The project inspired many people in the church to write songs for God.

In 2011, Let Your Kingdom Come - JOGSGO Collaboration Album was produced and was launched in Music Museum, Greenhills Philippines. The 12 songs included in the album came from the main church in Taytay Rizal and from satellite churches in Angono Rizal; Quezon City and Antipolo.  Within a few months the first 1,000 copies were almost sold-out. It was an amazing year for our music ministry.

After that, singles were produced featuring compositions from brethren with different experiences with God. Each one has his/her own story to tell.

Fast forward to 2015. JOGSGO QC praise and worship team - Presence signed up with Jescom Music Label and came out with their 1st solo album entitled Only For You (New Sound Of Praise). They released singles from Only For You to the award winning song Ikaw.

Believing that God can use music to touch lives, our church is committed to making more music for the Lord until He comes.

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Intro To Let Your Kingdom Come (JOGSGO Collaboration Album)

Let Your Kingdom Come (The Making)