From The Senior Pastor's Desk

Leonard Ravenhill once said "There are many keys to Revival, but only one reason why we don't have it, because we are content living without it".

Everytime we hear the word "revival", what comes to mind of many Christians are the "Supernatural" manifestations that occur during such events; manifestations such as healing, holy laughther; swimming and rolling in the spirit; and even trance! Beautiful and wonderful as they are, but when many of our bretheren grows accustomed to such events, interest and excitement begins to wane down, as has happened in the past!

I believe that what we are about to see in the next few months (the coming of the four blood moons) would trigger in all of us, a kind of revival that we would all need to assure us of a solid faith in the days ahead - A Revival of the Fear of the Lord!

Psalm 34:11 clearly states that "God Himself calls His children so He can teach us the Fear of the Lord". For with Fear of the Lord, comes hunger for holiness and righteousness! Holiness attracts the favor and power of the Lord in our lives - remember that a holy man is a powerful man!

Read His Words, pray at all times, be strong and be very courageous - the Lord our God is coming soon!

God Bless you, we love you.

In Him, Through Him, For Him,

Pastors Jovito & Cynthia Tamayo