3rd Floor, RSF Building, Manila East Road, Barangay San Roque, Angono Rizal

Pastor Jumanie Padua

Pastor Ceilo Albania Padua - #63-935-8551321

  • Pastor Jumanie Padua

  • Pastor Cielo Albania Padua

Campus ministry – Who am I?

Students in the Campus Ministry find their identity in the Lord.
Nov 26, 2016

  • Worship Services

    c/o Ptr. Cielo Padua
    Sundays @ 8:00 am (Sunday School)
    Sundays @ 10:00 am

  • Prayer Meeting

    Tuesday@ 7:00 pm

  • Bible Studies

    *Reyes Compound Tuesday at 7am c/o Ptra Cielo Padua
    *Arveemar Homes Wednesday at 9pm c/o Sis. Rhoda Arguilles
    *Picones Compound Saturday at 5pm c/o Sis Rhoda Arguilles and Tricia Lucena
    *Manggahan Friday at4pm c/o Bro. Dionald and Louie
    *Monamonte Friday at 5:30pm c/o Louie and Dionald

  • Prayer For The Nations

    2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 7pm c/o Bro. Louie Buhisan

  • Men At Work (MAW)

    Schedule of activities are to be announced / posted very soon.

  • Women At Work (WAW)

    c/o Ptra. Cielo A. Padua
    Sundays at 2pm

Worship Night

"There is victory in the presence of God"---This is for all ages (youth,young adult,adult). We find joy in His presence. We find love in His presence.
Let's all together celebrate His goodness! May 21, 2016

Water Baptism

This is an amazing day!. We celebrate with our brothers and sisters
in Christ who made a public declaration of their faith by being water baptized! Jesus makes all things new!. April 16,2016

Water Baptism

Worship Night: April 11, 2015
Speaker: Ptr. Jay Pantanilla
Open for all Christian churches in Angono. Some praise & worship team of other churches has led us in worship.

Players Night: April 12, 2015
Speaker: Ptra. Raechelle Albania
We are having a Basketball Game for Youth boys (unbeliever), so this gathering discuss on the rules and regulations of the game and importantly, starting the game by letting them know Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

  • Young Adults At Work (YADAW)

    - c/o Sis Kristine Lucena (0933-2040-251)
    2nd & 3rd Saturday at 1pm

  • Youth At Work (YAW)

    c/o Ptra. Cielo A. Padua
    Every Saturday at 3pm

  • Kids Church

    c/o Sis. Tricia Marie Lucena (0943-336-6936)
    Saturdays at 9am.

Kids Church - special service "Encounter"
God’s Spirit moved powerfully during this Kids Church! As our theme for this service is "Encounter", children were being touched, changed, and experienced the life-changing power of God! Our desire is for children to have an intimate friendship with Jesus, and to fully know and be known by Him. And for them to be a Prayer Warrior. Once again, God showed He is faithful to come with His power to kids who want to have an encounter with Him!.

A recent activity for Youth and YADAW. The theme is BLAST that means Bring the Love and Share the Light held last Feb 28 2015.

JOGSGO Angono Kids Church launching last January 18 , 2015 at 9 in the morning. 92 children participated in the launching and we have film showing, foods and games for fun.However, the main topic on the launching is teaching the children how to Praise and Worship the Lord.